Hi! I'm Jenny...


I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Private Health Consultant and the founder of Jenny Branco Wellness: High-end Health Consulting, rooted in Functional Medicine. I have been in the medical field for over 10 years and specialize in helping women, from all over the world, balance their Hormones and Gut Health NATURALLY.  

It is my personal mission to empower women to take charge of their health by digging deeper and discovering what is actually causing their symptoms in the first place. Let's get you back to feeling like your old self again!

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How I can support you:

1:1 Health Consulting

Private 1:1 support from the comfort of your own home. Unlimited access. Done for you resources and more!

Specialty Lab Testing

High-end Functional Medicine lab tests, designed to finally get you answers as to WHAT is causing your symptoms.

Personalized Protocols

Hormone & Gut rebalancing protocols, completely customized to you and your body! 

Does this sound like you?


You've tried ALL the diets and different supplements, but none of it worked long term. 


You're bloated and your clothes just don't fit like they used to. You wake up tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you get. You don't recognize the dark circles, dull skin and lackluster hair reflecting back at you in the mirror. Your mood is off and you just don't feel right.


You're busy, frustrated and overwhelmed by all the info online. You just need someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do- step by step, so you can look and feel like yourself again!

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Client Testimonials



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The way I feel everyday makes me so happy!!

The way I feel everyday makes me so happy!! You're the best! I can't thank you enough for everything. I've been back at the gym for about a month now & I am already seeing great results. All that sludge was holding me back!



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My body aches are gone!

I have so much more energy, my mood is improved, my headaches are so much better & my bloating. My body aches are gone!



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Non stop energy!

I'm fitting into clothes that I haven't fit into in like 4 years & I feel fantastic- non stop energy & able to actually run on the treadmill.

"I have tried everything under the sun. Every test, many different doctors and all sorts of cleanses and this program was the only thing that has remotely made a difference and it has completely changed my life!" 

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