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Are you tired of rushed 15 minute appointments with your practitioner, only to have your symptoms dismissed?

Are you ready to gain insight and clarity into what's really going on in your body?

Our 90-minute Virtual Consultation is designed to give you a bird's eye view of your overall health, diving into your symptoms and journey up to this point.

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 *Offer valid for U.S. and Canada based clients only*

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We are going to uncover why things are the way they are and help you connect the dots as to what could be contributing to your symptoms. You are going to gain clarity as to why the status of your health is the way it is right now

This Is For You If :

  1. You’re experiencing unwanted symptoms like bloating, fatigue, acne, unpredictable moods, trouble sleeping, irregular cycles, a sluggish metabolism and more!


  • You have you been told your lab work is "normal" even though you feel awful.


  • You’re sick of being dismissed by practitioners and rushed appointments.


  • You feel like you've tried everything and don't know what aspect of your health you should be focusing on.


  • You’ve been wanting to look into Functional Medicine, but don’t know where to start.
I am Ready To Get Started!

This Is A Great Starting Point For You!!!

What's Included:

Review and Interpretation of Functional Medicine Based Intake Assessments 


  • Health History, Hormone and Toxicity questionnaires

  • Education as to what the findings mean and common causes

Review and interpretation of recent blood work

  • Using Optimal Functional Medicine based ranges. Yes, even if you were told it was "normal".
  • (Lab work must be within the last 4-6 months.)

Guidance as to what specific areas of health to focus on next based on the findings:

  • Regulate blood Sugar, Focus on your gut health, Dive deeper into your hormone health, Support the liver, etc.
  • Recommendations for optional Specialty Functional Medicine Labs to have done

Who Will I Meet With And Where?

Via Zoom, you will be meeting with a member of our team (Certified Integrative Health Practitioner).

*All results and recommendations are overseen by yours truly!*


I'm Ready To Have My Labs Reviewed!

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