$385.00 USD

Initial Case Review

90 minute virtual consultation where we dive into your symptoms and journey up to this point to get a bird's eye view of your overall health and give you insight and clarity as to what is potentially going on in your body.


Our 90-minute consultation call includes:

  • Review and interpretation of recent blood work (must be within the last 4-6 months) using Optimal Functional Medicine based ranges. Yes, even if you were told it was "normal". 
  • Review and interpretation of Functional Medicine Based Intake Assessments   
    • Health History, Hormone and Toxicity questionnaires
    • Education as to what the findings mean and common causes
  • Guidance as to what specific areas of health to focus on next based on the findings:
    • Regulate blood Sugar, Focus on your gut health, Dive deeper into your hormone health, Support the liver, etc.
    • Recommendations for optional Specialty Functional Medicine Labs to have done

Sick of your symptoms being dismissed? Book our 90-minute consultation call and take back control over your health!

*Offer valid for U.S. based clients only*

Disclaimer: Please note that due to the nature of this service, it is non-refundable. Once you complete the purchase or activate your account, you will gain immediate access to our digital product and its content, which cannot be returned or undone. We recommend reviewing the product description, features, and compatibility requirements before making a purchase, as we do not offer refunds.